Panamp Music Player for iPhone: A Faster iPod App

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It's sorta amazing how little has changed with the iPod app on iOS. Not to say it's not good but it's hardly perfect. Like It's slow! Side sweeping screens are fun to play with at first but I JUST WANT MUSIC ALREADY sometimes. Panamp Music Player gets you there faster.


What's it do?

It's an iPod replacement app, so it does everything the iPod app in iOS does: organizes all your music by song, artist or album and plays your music. What makes Panamp different from the stock iOS music player is that everything is displayed on one screen—your current song playing, your music library, etc—so it's easier to get to and so much faster to use. I don't want animations anymore, I just want to get to a specific song as quick as I can. The search is great and it's Airplay compatible too

Why do we like it?

Panamp calls it 'dynamic queues' but it's really just a fancy way of saying the most awesometastic way to create on-the-go playlists, like, ever. When you're scrolling through your music in Panamp, you just swipe the song title and it'll be added to the playlist. One swipe across. That's it. Voi-to-the-mothereffing-la. You're not bugging yourself with plus signs and playlist names and kneedeep menus. Organizing the order of the playlist is easy too—I guess that's where the 'dynamic' comes in—as it can always be changed. Also: Panamp is stupid fast. You know how there's a slight wait in between loading an artist's name, then an album, then a song in the iPod app. Because all the song info is displayed in one screen (they call it cascade view), It's like boom, boom, bang in Panamp.

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Panamp Music Player

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Can't save playlists



I thought developers couldn't make music apps like this because you can't replicate built in iOS features.