Panasonic Adds 26 and 32-Inch LCDs to Viera Line

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Panasonic will be adding two models to its Viera line of HDTV LCDs in the coming weeks with BS/110 CS digital tuners. Both the 26-inch TH-26LX65 and the 32-inch TH-32LX65 are high definition LCDs with 1,366 x 768 (720p native) resolution. They also come with all the right inputs to make your HDTV watching experience a pleasurable one, including the new kid on the block, HDMI. (There's also a D4 input, which is found mainly in Japanese TVs, as well as S-Video and composite, among others.) The built-in speakers supposedly deliver fine-sounding stereo sound, but you'd have to be a dope to purchase an HDTV and not opt for a proper audio setup. Panasonic even threw in an SD card slot, presumably to display your slideshows shown on the big screen. Won't Grandma be happy.

The 26-inch TH-26LX65 will retail for about $1,820 and the 32-inch TH-32LX65 for about $2,170. Both are due this September in Japan.


Product Specs (in Japanese) [Panasonic via]