Panasonic Broadcast to Ship the Grandaddy of All Plasmas: 103-Inches, 1080p

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Panasonic Broadcast announced it's now shipping its 65-inch TH-65PF9UK 1080P plasma display aimed at the professional market, and also tipped us off that it will be shipping its gigantic 103-inch plasma display, which it calls the world's largest, by the end of this month. It's also rolling out a more reasonably-priced 50-inch version in November.

The company claims a 5000-to-1 contrast ratio on each of these whopper displays, and in back they're all equipped with DVI and component inputs. To really show you these displays are aimed at professionals, there's an HD-SDI (Serial Digital Interface, used almost exclusively by pro video jockeys) input but no HDMI. The 65-incher that's now shipping runs $10,995, while the 103-inch monster will set you back a cool $70K. The 50-inch model will ship next month at a more-reasonable $5995.


It doesn't get any better than this. Huge displays like these are commonly used as set pieces in television studios and in remote production trucks. In fact, we've seen a similar display used for camera control on board the Monday Night Football production truck. Heck, if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for our home theater. Bring it on.

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