Panasonic DMR-XW50: 1080p Personal Video Recorder

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Panasonic announced three media recorders for the Japanese market today, the DMR-XP10, the DMR-XW30 and the DMR-XW50. Details are sketchy thus far, but the higher-end DMR-XW50 has a rather odd feature set: it can record and play back the much-adored but perhaps unnecessary 1080p video, and it can also burn DVDs, although certainly not in 1080p resolution.

The DMR-XW50's hard disk will quickly prove itself too small for 1080p recording, at a mere 500GB—sounds like a lot, but not when you're talking about that mountain of data necessary for 1080p. It can also record audio on SD (secure digital) flash memory cards, onto which you can rip an audio CD and play it on a Panasonic MP3 player. No pricing and availability information was forthcoming.


DMR-XW50, the HD Media Recorder with SD Audio from Panasonic [Akihabara News]

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Well, if Sony and Toshiba can hold 2 hours of 1080p on 20gigs of space, then theoretically this sucker could hold 50 hours of 1080p programming. That pathetic use of elementary math skills is ignoring the compression algorythms and such, but it should hold a reasonable (20 hours or more) amount of programming at 1080p.