Illustration for article titled Panasonic EZ Touch Remote Features Dual-Touchpads, Simple But Effective Interface

Remote controls might not be the sexiest of gadgets to overhaul, but Panasonic's done a pretty neat job with this recent revamp. The company demoed a touch-sensitive remote at CEATEC, which features a touchpad on each end of the device and a crowd of buttons in the middle. Instead of using a touchscreen like many of its high-end ilk, the EZ Touch Remote superimposes an image of a traditional remote control on the television screen. Users keep their eyes on the TV and have their finger motions tracked by an on-screen “virtual thumb.” The remote can also sense left- or right-handed users and utilize multitouch data entry, zoom, and quick scroll. Effective and it won't scare away your less-than-technologically-adept grandmother. Unfortunately, Panasonic didn't give a release date for the gizmo or comment on whether it will ever be mass produced. [Engadget]


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