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As you can see, Panasonic group president Yoshiaki Kushiki had a lot of vim and verve on Friday when he announced that the company will stop making plain-jane GSM handsets and focus solely on 3G phones from now on. Of course, the 1,400 (mainly Filipino) workers he had to lay off to do so weren't so excited by the announcement, but it is a rather bold statement. Considering I don't think I've ever really seen a Panasonic phone in the US, I guess it does make sense that the plan is to focus on Japanese products rather than deal with all the useless technology we're still using in the US. So, maybe we'll see some Panasonic phones here in the next 10 years, once they figure out how to catch up with real 3G. Just sayin'.

Panasonic maker Matsushita to revamp cellphone business [Yahoo News]


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