This camera doesn't deserve a review; it deserves a warning. It is one of the most expensive rugged cams, but takes only 640x480 SD video and 0.3MP stills as bad as the worst camphones. Miserable!

Sure, the standard def video was serviceable, but when cheaper point and shoots do the same or HD video, a purpose built camcorder has no excuse for not blowing them out of the water for cheaper. And it's only waterproof to 6 feet. Miserable! Also, the camera liked to focus on the water droplets on its lens like a cross-eyed idiot. Unlike the very presentable Lumix DMC-TS1 from the same company, please avoid this piece of defunct technology. One nice thing: It comes with a floating strap. But, again, if you buy this, you are dumb. [Panasonic]


The fact that it exists.

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