Panasonic THX Display Certified Viera TH-50PZ800U New King of Plasmas (for Now)

After months of reigning as the best TVs on the planet, Pioneer's Kuro is finally challenged for the throne by Panasonic's THX Display-certified Viera TH-50PZ800U. It's the THX mode that gives it the edge, with its superior color accuracy and uniformity making it "one of the best-performing plasmas" Cnet has tested, even though the blacks (while very good) still aren't at Kuro level. And of course, this isn't compared to the new super-thin, super-black Kuros rolling out later this year. So enjoy the crown while you've got it, Panny. [Cnet]




It's no accident that Kuro means black in Japanese.

Excellent displays, deepest blacks. At work we have 1 Kuro, about 7 Panny's and a 58" 1080p Sammy. The Pioneer rules the roost, but the Samsung series 5 is a close second. The best value, though, is the Panasonic. We're not watching these sets in optimal conditions, though, so all in all, we're happy with all 3 models.