Panasonic's 50-inch 1080p 3D Plasma on Track for 2010

When we put on active shutter-glasses and tried Panasonic's 103-inch 3D Plasma concept, we liked that the image flickered less than competing 3D systems from Sony and JVC. Now Panasonic has a 50-inch prototype, and hopes to sell it next-year.


The more-affordable design benefits from lessons learned with the first concept, and new PDP materials and chips were developed to accelerate pixel illumination while maintaining brightness. Of course, the upcoming challenge for 3D (aside from the wacky glasses) is that you'll need a Blu-ray player and movies that support the 3D format.

The 50-incher will be shown next week at Tokyo's CEATEC show—Japan's version of CES. We'll let you know if Panasonic dish up any more details, or if Sony hits back with something new of its own. You might remember that Sony intends to introduce a 3D Bravia TV and PS3 games next year. [Panasonic via Akihabara News]


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