Pantech IM-S230 Cellphone's World Record Thinness Approaches Invisibility

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The Samsung U600 isn't the slimmest slider any more, because this Pantech IM-S230 just out-skinnied it by a whole millimeter. Like a couple of supermodels battling to see who can be the first to be completely invisible when viewed from the side, this Pantech phone is just 9.9mm thick, besting the positively corpulent Samsung U600, which at 10.9mm thinks she's starting to look fat in those short shorts.


Besides that unique thinness, the Pantech slider holds the same spec line of many other phones, with a 2.2-inch display, MP3 player and DMB TV tuner, as well as a 1.3-megapixel camera. Koreans, who may need to be careful not to cut themselves while this phone occupies their pockets, will be shelling out a $535 for the privilege of carrying it. Can these phones get any thinner ?


Pantech IM-S230 now the worlds slimmest slider [Unwired View]

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Samsung markets the Trace (SGH-T519) at 8mm thick, but marketese being what it is the phone is still 9.1mm with a caliper. Not the most rugged design (cracked a screen rolling on it in my pocket) but still love the form factor

Sorry Pantech, keep up the binging and purging, maybe you'll catch up