Pantone's Newest (And Best) Color: Minion Yellow

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It’s been three years since Pantone, self-declared arbiter of visible light, has declared a new color. But after 36 months of hard toil, the research team has emerged from the lab with the latest addition: Pantone Minion Yellow.


Pantone is a household name among designers and artists thanks to its Color Matching System, a way of organising basically any conceivable color, assigning a number, and specifying how to make it by mixing 14 base pigments. It’s used in manufacturing and publishing around the world as a way of standardising colors. And now, it can be used to reproduce the joy and happiness of Despicable Me’s minions through the medium of color.

To celebrate the upcoming Minion movie, Pantone worked with designers from Universal Pictures to find the most average shade of yellow for the minions, then designated it an official Pantone reference. In other words: you can now paint your home Minion Yellow. Clad your phone in a Minion Yellow case. Or, just make a really really accurate cosplay.

[Pantone via FastCo]



Has Pantone ever designated a color based on a pop culture reference or commercial franchise before?