Parasound Universal DVD Player

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Oh, the black box. So boring to look at, yet so full of interesting junk. And pointing out that these things just aren't as cool these days, Parasound has named its new product the NewClassic D 200 DVD Player, aimed for those of us with deep pockets (with a $1500 pricetag) and a love for old-fashioned audio components. The player includes scalable HDMI output with HDCP, Faroudja DCDi processing for progressive scan output, a two-way RS-232 port, and is compatible with every major disc format currently in use, including DVD-A, SACD, DVD+/-R/RW, MP3, WMA, JPEG, and even playback for Kodak Picture CDs and DivX video, though obviously not any HD formats (maybe they should have waited, but who am I to talk??). Yes, it's not pretty, but it should sound damn good, which I can totally deal with.

Parasound s First DVD Player - NewClassic D 200 [Mavromatic]


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