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Paris Hilton's Blood-Crusted Cinderella Fashion in Organ-Stealing Opera

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We all know that Paris Hilton will be making her horror musical debut in Repo! The Gentic Opera, as surgery-addicted Amber Sweet. Her character isn't in the movie a lot, but when she's there she looks (duh) phenomenal. We've collected a gallery of the red hot outfits our knife-obsessed lady wears in the role of the daughter of the man who owns Genco — and your future innards.On September 30 you can digitally download the entire Repo! Opera soundtrack (but for a price). Lionsgate has a sampling up of the tracks and you can purchase the soundtrack at Repo!'s official site. Repo! follows the story of a man hired to do the dirty work for a future corporation, Genco, who loans out organs (human organ failure being the number one killer of future humans). But when you miss a payment, Genco sends out the repo man to get its product back. Which is why Paris needs to look so hot. Wait, did that make sense?