Paris Hilton's Crystal-Studded Sidekick 3

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As the saying goes, the rich get richer, and T-Mobile is more than happy to accommodate America's best and brightest with the launch of their highly anticipated Sidekick 3. Paris Hilton, the very talented, earned-everything-she's-ever-received-in-her-life socialite even has a special, Swarovski Crystal-encrusted verion of T-Mobile's wunderphone. Hilton's Sidekick 3 has a bunch of different stones on it that, apparently, make people feel important. Crystal, light rose and smoked topaz are but some of the shiny rocks on the Sidekick 3. Whether or not Hilton ever uttered the phrase, "I love my Sidekick! It's HOT," might well impact my opinions of humanity.

The job was done by Crystal Icing, a company that takes great pride in "icing" various gadgets, like iPods, iPod cases and cellphones.


If you listen closely, you can almost hear the sound of our Founding Fathers rolling in their graves.

Paris Hilton with her Crystal Icing Swarovski Crystal T-Mobile Sidekick 3 at the Sidekick 3 Launch Party [Crystal Icing via Luxury Launches]