Parks and Recreation Was a Gold Mine of Tech References Last Night

If you didn't catch Parks and Rec last night, you missed out Aziz Ansari (a.k.a. Tom Haverford) hilariously explaining the tech we use every day—and his interpretations are spot-on.

Emoji are little cartoons you text instead of words. Instead of saying "what up, boo?" you can type what up, and then a little ghost. Cause that means boo.


Tom gets in car wreck, caused by his ceaseless texting and driving. So the judge sentences him to one week without any screens. He pleads that the judge send him to jail instead, but the ruling stands.

So he copes with his punishment by endlessly rants about Twitter, Gchat, Doodle Jump, and more. And, of course, explains the purpose of emoji. For those of us constantly checking email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram updates, it's a riot.

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