Parks and Rec's 'Cones of Dunshire' game is actually going to get made

Straight from the twisted mind of Ben Wyatt to your tabletop sometime soon: After a successful Gen-Con début last month, Cones of Dunshire is becoming a real board game from Mayfair.

First appearing in the show's sixth season last year, Cones of Dunshire is an 8-12 player tabletop RPG where you... well, I'll let Mr. Wyatt himself explain:

Got it? Good!

Anyway, Mayfair, who were approached by NBC last year to design Ben's boardgame, decided to bring a giant version of it to Gen-Con this year - and with sales of tickets for the limited chance to play the game and Cones of Dunshire merch going to charity, they managed to raise $20,000 for Gleaners, a Food Bank based in Indianapolis to help families in need. Following the warm reception the overtly complicated game had, Mayfair have decided to go ahead and bring it to retail - and they're going to do it in a kinda weird, kinda cool way.


The company will, according to Entrepreneur, start off with a Charity Kickstarter drive to fund a 'Super Deluxe' Edition of Cones of Dunshire, followed by a $100 Deluxe edition and a $60-70 normal version coming to retail after that. It's befitting to see something as bizarre and absurd as Cones of Dunshire follow such a topsy-turvy path to the market!

Plans have only very recently been set in motion for the game, so don't expect it soon - but when it does come, bagsy being the Ledgerman.

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