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Party-A-Cargo Brings the Bro-Down to Wherever Your Truck Can Park

Illustration for article titled Party-A-Cargo Brings the Bro-Down to Wherever Your Truck Can Park

Hey dudebro, looking to take a bro-dtrip but afraid you'll make the ultimate braux-pas: not bringing enough beer and having a totally whack sound system? Chill out man, Party-A-Cargo's got your back with its tow hitch mounted kegerator. The Party-A-Cargo Ultimate can store up to 160 glasses of beer and contains a jockey box with two 6 inch by 9 inch speakers and a 10 inch subwoofer.


The case, which hooks up to the back of your SUV, also has a built in CD stereo and Sirius Satellite Radio, a battery charger and a 12-volt power adapter. A locking door ensures that those dickwads at Alpha Gamma Phi won't try to make a grab for your beer while you're gone. Party-A-Cargo offers three different versions of its frat-friendly fun box, ranging in price from $2,895 to $3,795. [Born Rich]

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So what we have here is a steel box with 150 quid ($300ish) worth of car audio gear, a keg and a fridge for approx $3000.

I could put this together for about $800. They ain't gonna sell many of these...

Wouldn't it make more sense to create a smaller unit which could be thrown in the back of the truck and removed at the party?