Pay Tribute to Robin Williams, Whose Comedy Brought Us All Together

The news that Robin Williams has died is utterly heart-wrenching. While details of his death remain vague, it's immediately clear that the actor and comedian led a brilliant life and touched millions in profound ways. There's no better way to pay tribute than by watching one of his movies.

Again, it's inexpressibly sad to look back at the life of a man who made so many people happy, but it's still appropriate to smile at his genius work. For me, the first movie that comes to mind is The Birdcage. I remember seeing it with my parents in the theater and looking over to see both my mom and dad crying with laughter. It was a rare moment of togetherness for us, and I'll never forget it. I'll never forget Williams, either.


The Birdcage is streaming on Netflix now. And despite today's somber news, it's still funny as hell. [Netflix]

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