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In the perfect life, I'd have an open bar everyday. In this life, I'd take having TabbedOut work in every bar. It's an app that let's you pay for your bar tab straight from your iPhone.


First things first, your local watering hole doesn't support TabbedOut. In fact, the only bars that do support it are located in Austin and Dallas, Texas and Chico, California. So if you don't live there, chances are you won't get to ever use the app.

But the idea! The idea is what makes me so thirsty. To never have to hand a bartender your credit card, to never have to wait for the bar tab to come, to never have to come back to the bar because you forgot to close your tab—is pretty damn convenient. All I have to worry about is drinking? Awesome.


Here's how it works:

Sure, the 99-cent service charge (per use) is a bummer and probably a dealbreaker to some. And yes, this doesn't really exist in my city. But one day someone will figure out how to do something like this and implement it everywhere. And I'll never have to stand around waiting for a bar tab to come again. TabbedOut is the first step in the twelve step process. If you're in Austin, Dallas or Chico, I envy you. [Springwise, iTunes, Android Market]

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