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PChome Touch-1 Skype USB Handset

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Skype is our babydaddy around here. I don't use it much for making calls to real phone numbers, but Denton practically cried when he made a Skype call over a hijacked Wi-Fi connection in the middle of Tokyo—it was one of those great moments that happen when our disaffected attitude about technology takes a break and we can really geek out over something with proper perspective. So I wouldn't be surprised to see lots of these new PChome Touch-1 Skype USB handsets around the Gawker manse. It's just a phone—a corded one at that, although a cordless version is on the way—but it makes and receives its calls using the SkypeOut service. It's $700 Taiwan dollars, which works out to be about 22 bucks.

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