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Put a pair of Pedalites on your bicycle and you suddenly have a tiny disco lighting system flashing away under your feet. When you step on the pedals, a small generator inside pumps up their three super-bright LEDs which require no batteries.

The lights point forward, back and to the side, and that's a good thing, too, because at night, the side is a bicycle's blind spot, proven to be the direction from which 75% of bike collisions occur. Stop at a traffic light and the things keep on flashing for five minutes. It's instant high visibility with no effort required.


Even though a good set of reflectors on your wheels and pedals might do the same thing as these blinkinlights, this $80 pair of pedals might give you somewhat higher visibility, perhaps saving your ass in a situation where some dolt is driving at night without his headlights on. And visibility, as we bloggers know, is a very good thing.

Product Page [Pedalite Ltd]