Pen Phone Design is Smallest Yet

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There have been pen phone concepts before, even a few working products, but none as slim and small as this one sent us by an anonymous tipster. He told us this "design A" is not a finished product yet, and added that the undisclosed company he's working for wants to gauge interest in such a device. While most users will connect the phone to Bluetooth earpieces, those two target-shaped areas on the top and bottom are earpiece and receiver. So far, so good. What do you think, readers?



Iron Man's Pants

I'm guessing that due to electronics, there's not enough space inside for ink or much battery capacity (further hampered by bluetooth power consumption). In reality, this would be the size of those goofy, jumbo pens with the 12+ colors.

Free bonus feature if they can fit ink in there: you can doodle when you talk to boring people over the phone.