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Rumors fly about a couple of shiny new Pentax digital SLRs, possibly rolling out January 24th just in time for the Photo Marketing Association (PMA) convention. The Pentax K20D will allegedly replace and look a lot like the $799 K10D (pictured above) that shipped over a year ago, and the K200D is due to replace the aging K100D. If the rumors are true, this is going to be good.


The K20D is said to have a 14-megapixel CMOS sensor instead of the K10D's 10.2-megapixel sensor, along with a 14-bit RAW A/D Processor and our favorite, a 3-inch live view LCD. There will be improved image stabilization inside the virtually unchanged camera body, a shake reduction system Pentax has traditionally approached by moving the CCD rather than shifting lens elements.


The K200D will have a 10-megapixel sensor manufactured by Sony, and a PRIME 12-bit image processor. It will be able to crank out three frames per second, and also may have that larger 3-inch LCD.

There was no word about the main weakness of the Pentax line, its uninspiring collection of lenses. And after all, isn't a wide lens selection one of the most enticing attributes of digital SLRs? [Photography Bay photo by dpreview]

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