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Busted! Kyle McDonald, the man behind the People Staring at Computers project, was raided by the Secret Service on Thursday.


The feds showed up with a warrant for computer fraud and confiscated two computers, two flash drives and an iPod. They left behind a message that Apple would be contacting him soon. Thankfully, there was no horse head in his bed.


McDonald created the wonderful, yet creepy, project that photographed people while they were looking at computers in two NYC Apple Stores. McDonald didn't think twice about what he was doing because he had permission from Apple security and even some customers. Though they probably thought he was snapping photos with a regular camera, not remotely using a webcam. He posted the pictures on his Tumblr blog and everyone had a good laugh.

Somewhere along the way, somebody's feathers got ruffled and this whimsical project could turn into criminal charges. McDonald's greatest concern now isn't the fraud allegation (he believes he's in the clear), but his computer. He has to buy a new one and wonders if Apple will let him within ten feet of their store. [Mashable]

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