Perfect Sandwich Review: Go to Hell, Sogginess

It's lunchtime. (Somewhere.) You've worked hard. Or maybe you haven't worked hard at all, loser. But either way, you're probably pretty hungry—and nothing ruins the moment more than a damp sandwich. This container could banish wet sandies forever.

What Is It?

A plastic box that separates sandwich bread from the moist components of a sandwich.


Who's It For?

Those who enjoy sandwiches but are bothered by their tendency to become soggy by lunchtime.


Materially superb—super sturdy. But how are you supposed to manipulate the container's myriad panels and sections? The instructions do nothing to help.


Using It

Put your bread on top of this plastic part that separates the wet ingredients from everything else. Insert a cooler pack to keep things fresh. Snap the whole thing shut. Forget about it until noon.


The Best Part

The Perfect Sandwich truly does keep bread from soggifying.

Tragic Flaw

You have to reassemble your sandwich at work, school, or wherever else you might be eating said sandwich. Double the sandwich labor, and messy fingers.


This Is Weird...

Why does one of the plastic panels take such strength to snap shut? What is it sealing against? Ghosts?


Test Notes

  • Tested with cheddar cheese, sliced roast beef, mustard, white bread, and a fresh sliced tomato.
  • Meat, cheese, mustard, and tomato slices were stored and sealed together, but had become goop by the time they were ready for extraction and reassembly.
  • Sandwich tasted OK. Bread was in perfect condition. Not sure how old that cheese was.

Should You Buy It?

You have to take your sandwich components out of the fridge, put them in a box, and build your sandwich from scratch again. You could make two soppy sandwiches in the time it takes to use this product.


The question is: Is this something that matters to you? Some people separate the bread in wax paper, then build the sandwich again at lunch every day. If that's you, this is a must buy. If you will just eat any soggy sandwich to stave off hunger, don't bother.

Contain This Perfect Sandwich

• Price: $13
• Material: BPA-free plastic
• Microwavable? No
Gizrank: 3.5


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