I know many may disagree, but these colored famous photos are much more powerful than the black and white originals. The perfect coloring takes away all the stylization of the black and white and pushes the violence right into your eyes.

Unlike those old colored classic movies colored by Turner, which were horrible, these are perfectly executed. Digitally modified by Swedish artist Sanna Dullaway, the realism of the color is truly outstanding. She made them to show her skills and sell her restoration and colorization services on the web.


I like her non-violent examples too. V-J Day in Times Square looks fresh and accurate. Her portraits too. There are a lot more examples on her pages. [Förr i Färg, DevianArt, Imgur via Petapixel]

UPDATE: Sanna Dullaway has been bullied by the usual copyright sharks, who have sent her an email threatening her with legal action and asking her to take her pictures down.

Following that email Sanna has asked us to delete a number of images from this article, including her modifications. While her modifications would probably fall under fair use, it's her decision. We are respecting it and following her kind request. Following Sanna's mail, we only left those which are in the public domain.


It's a pity, because the others were awesome examples of her Photoshop expertise. Thank you Sanna and good luck.—JD

Atomic test at Bikini.


Pearl Harbor attack.

Charles Darwin.


Teddy Roosevelt.



Mark Twain.