Peter Pan Show Will Follow Lost Boys 15 Years After Leaving Neverland

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What happened to Peter Pan's band of Lost Boys after they left Neverland and grew up? In the show League of Pan, currently in development, they grew apart—at least until someone starts murdering them one-by-one.

Deadline is reporting that Fox has a script commitment for League of Pan, which is being developed by 20th Century Fox TV and Imagine Television. Here's the pitch:

It picks up the Lost Boys fifteen years after they left Neverland. Now men and very much estranged, the Lost Boys are forced back together when they realize someone is killing them off one by one. To find out who and why and stay alive, they'll have to get past the bitter rivalries and bad blood that forced them out of paradise and rediscover the magic that made them fearless. This time in the very real world of contemporary Los Angeles.


It sounds like this could show could be heavy on the "flashbacks in a fantasy world," which we've seen a lot of in Once Upon a Time. This is the second time the studios have tried to develop League of Pan, this time with Andrew Miller of The Secret Circle writing. We'll see if it gets off the ground this time.

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