Peter Stormare Says Movement Is Happening on a Constantine Sequel

Keanu Reeves in Constantine.
Keanu Reeves in Constantine.
Image: Warner Bros.

Hell yeah. Literally, hell.

Recently, some of the minds behind Constantine put together a Comic-Com@Home panel wherein they gushed about how fond they were of the film and what sort of wacky ideas they had in store for a sequel. Apparently, that enthusiasm went somewhere, as Peter Stormare, who played Satan in the film, now claims, via his Instagram, that a sequel is “in the works”.


On the account, Stormare shared a meme praising his performance in the film, with the simple written caption: “Sequel in The Works.” Not a particularly splashy way to announce a sequel, but I’ll take it. If you’re curious about what that sequel might look like, check out the 15th anniversary panel, which includes such tidbits as a part of the working script that had Constantine sharing a prison cell with Jesus. Like, Christ Jesus. 

Constantine is out now, has been for fifteen years, and really is worth a watch.

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I know a lot of hardcore Hellblazer fans complained about how far it deviated from the books before it came out... but this movie kicked ass and I loved it. I say bring me more of it, and more Stormare as Satan (maybe even a cameo from Tom Ellis as a different look/form/whatever for Satan?).

By the way, it’s on HBO Max now! Go watch.