Pew: Shoot Down TIE Fighters in Star Wars' $5 Augmented Reality iPhone App

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Blast TIE Fighters out of your very own backgarden—and this time, you don't even have to imagine it! The Falcon Runner iPhone app had us nerding out on it earlier this month, but it's finally available today.


The first Star Wars game to ever use augmented reality is only compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and the fourth-generation iPod Touch, but if you've been debating whether to trade up from your iPhone 3G, I'd say this app is worth it alone. The app takes advantage of the camera, gyroscope and accelerometer so you can literally see TIE Fighters invading your premises. Your duty, of course, is to shoot them down while hurtling through space.

There are over 20 levels in the arcade game, including one where you must escape from the Death Star. Quit dreaming of Leia and download now. [iTunes]

Rooftop TIEs