After being voluntarily retired from the iTunes App Store, following a call by THQ Wireless, the most useless yet completely obligatory iPhone app-PhoneSaber-is returning to the store as LightSaber Unleashed. The lightsaber simulator will tie in with the new LucasArts's game, including completely new graphics, "dueling music," and characters from the game:


THQ Wireless has the license for all things Star Wars and mobile, which is why the application was pulled in the first place. But don't worry about this becoming a pay application: It will still be free, making it even better than the equally useless Spore for iPhone. As Duncan Stevenson from The Mac Box told me:

Basically you can expect a much more exciting gameplay. The dueling music is something that were really happy we managed to include - it was a much requested feature and makes it really exciting to play!

Hold on... is Duncan actually referring to "exciting to pretend to fight with lightsabers" when he says "exciting to play"? [The Mac Box]