PhoneTag "Hacked" For GrandCentral, Converts Voicemail to E-Mail

PhoneTag, the gang that turns voicemail into text, has "hacked" Google's GrandCentral. The service that consolidates all of your phone numbers into one is useful for people on the go, but its voicemail system is clunky, especially for those needing fast access to messages. That's what makes this hack so clever.


When you sign up for PhoneTag, which formerly went by the incredibly nerdy name SimulScribe, you get a phone number to add to your GrandCentral account. When you miss a call, PhoneTag picks it up and records the message. The speech is converted to text, which is then sent to you via email or text message, along with an audio attachment of the voicemail—two things Grand Central doesn't do. If you add your contact list to your PhoneTag account, the messages will appear from the senders so you can reply through email right away. PhoneTag is free for a month, and plans range from $0.35/message to $30/month for unlimited messages. [PhoneTag]

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