Photoshop Greg "Sweaty Linesitter" Packer for the Good of Humanity

Illustration for article titled Photoshop Greg Sweaty Linesitter Packer for the Good of Humanity

Greg Packer enjoys attention. He sits in lines for all sorts of events just so the media will ask his boring opinion on things and he can read about himself in newspapers. You like publicity, Packer? I'll give you some goddamned publicity. It's time for another Gizmodo Photoshop Contest.


Your task: put Greg Packer in ridiculous situations, as ridiculous as possible. Honestly, I'm not going to be all that specific on this one, as I want to see where you guys go with this one. But do it fast! I want to have a gallery of the best submissions up before 6pm tomorrow, when the iPhone goes on sale. So get crackin', and send your finest work to me at by noon tomorrow. As usual, humor is the number one priority, with craftsmanship a close second. Entries that have both are what will make the winners gallery. Dismissed!

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> This guy is a professional PUBLICITY WHORE.

I'm not sure but I think the correct phrase is Attention Whore. A Publicity Whore is someone who is an Attention Whore on behalf of an organization or other party.

- Wanting to see your name in lights = Attention Whore

- Wanting a Zune tattoo on your ass = Publicity Whore (for Microsoft)

Sorry for dragging the discussion down to a William Safire level....

> His comment on supplies was that all

> he needed was cookies and water for nourishment

Yeah, they're kind of like Lembas wafers. That and water was all they needed in The Lord of the Rings.

Come to think of it, aren't Keebler cookies made by Elves? And isn't Greg, you know, on a quest?

> And if you come up with something funnier, you are truly a GOD amongst us all.

CAPTION: "I can has 47 cheezeburgers now?"

Sorry, I'm into LOLcats these days... trying to kick the habit...

> how does he goes the restroom?

Those Apple Store bags make great colostomy bags...