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I'll be rounding out each day of my guest stint here with a recommendation of a nice game that you don't necessarily need to make room for in your schedule— one that you can play a round of in just a few minutes.


Today's game sharpens and speeds up your logic neurons. It's called Inspector Parker, it's published by Oberon Games, and it'll definitely wake up a brain put to sleep by too much office work.

You play the role of the apprentice of Inspector Parker, veteran Scotland Yard detective, as you work together to solve the endless murderous intrigue at Misanthorpe Manor.


It plays like a cross between a puzzle game and a logic puzzle. Misanthorpe Manor is the game's board, presented as an array of rooms filled with suspects, weapons, victims, motives, and more. You deduce what belongs where with a series of clues, such as "The knife was in the room directly below Boris." All of these clues are presented as simple iconography, but also display the textual form of the clue when moused over. The layout of the interface and the color design will quickly have you working solely off the iconic clues. You eliminate an item from a room by right-clicking it, or assert it belongs there by left-clicking. It's simple and nice.

This streamlining is nice to have if you're a beginner playing through Story Mode, but essential for experts, as Timed Mode makes the game a race against the clock to solve the case. The difficulty ramps up nicely, piling on more and more evidence to sort out. I'd like to meet the person who can get past more than a few levels on the highest setting.

It's a well-made, polished little game, so give it a try next coffeebreak.
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