Today's pickup game is a web game— that is, one implemented entirely through HTML and Javascript that's generated by a lot of clever server-side scripting and database manipulation. It's Kingdom of Loathing, a turn-based RPG. The main focus of the game is humor, with send-ups of popular RPG conventions, as well as internet culture. But unlike a lot of other comical games you can play over the internet, the game underneath the humor is actually very full-featured and has a lot of content. A lot of very funny content.

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When you play KoL, you get 40 turns a day. The turns can last for as little as a few seconds though, and you can easily run out of turns in the space of a short break from work. But you can get more turns by getting your character drunk or using certain items. Mostly by getting your character drunk. And if you don't play for a few days, your day's turns will carry over to the next day, up to 200 turns. So you can play KoL whether you have a big chunk of time able to be devoted to it, or can only play for a few seconds at a time.

The game simultaneously is an homage and a parody of your average RPG. The mechanics are almost exactly like you would expect from an MMORPG. You run around and kill things and gain levels. But you can also sell items through your own shop, form guilds, tame familiars, craft new items from items you've found, and chat with other players online. About the only thing from your average MMO that's missing is the ability to form a party with other players; you always fight solo.


But instead of gold pieces you collect meat, and instead of playing as a fighter, a cleric, or somesuch, you're a pastamancer, or a turtle tamer, looking to increase your muscle, mysticality, and moxie instead of strength or constitution. You'll fight Goth Giants, Ninja Snowmen, and the console RPG fans' favorite monster, A Series of Irritating Random Encounters. In all, there are hundreds, if not thousands of items to collect and different monsters to fight in a variety of areas (like the Misspelled Cemetary and the Barrel Full of Barrels), and they all exhibit a great sense of humor and a love for the genre.

Kingdom of Loathing is free, but you're encouraged to donate, because these guys have put in a ton of work on this game.
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