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Pimp Your Honk with Horntones

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I know we've all encountered times while stuck in Los-Angeles-scale traffic wondering if people just can't hear our angry morse-code honks anymore.

With the Horntones fx550, you can customize your honk to politely let everyone know that you'd like them to "move b*tch, get out tha way."


Horntones plays standard audio files, stores up to eight different honks at once, is load-able with a usb drive, and will retail for about 150 bucks. Pre-orders should start by the end of this week, and you should expect to have one wired up to your "Shaggin'-Wagon" sometime in April.

Oh yeah, if you see anyone put a fire engine or ambulance sample as their horn in order to ninja through traffic, beat them for me.


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