Pimp Your Honk with Horntones

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I know we've all encountered times while stuck in Los-Angeles-scale traffic wondering if people just can't hear our angry morse-code honks anymore.


With the Horntones fx550, you can customize your honk to politely let everyone know that you'd like them to "move b*tch, get out tha way."

Horntones plays standard audio files, stores up to eight different honks at once, is load-able with a usb drive, and will retail for about 150 bucks. Pre-orders should start by the end of this week, and you should expect to have one wired up to your "Shaggin'-Wagon" sometime in April.

Oh yeah, if you see anyone put a fire engine or ambulance sample as their horn in order to ninja through traffic, beat them for me.

Product Page [Horntones via Uber-Review]


I am happy with the semi truck horn I installed in my Towncar :-) Its very fun. Scares the crap out of people very well!

Yeah, because nothing makes you safer than an intersection full of frightened pedestrians and drivers.

Besides startling people into accidents, having a big rig air horn in your car is a problem because people will look around for the big rig instead of seeing you. Same would go for using a train horn, bike bell, whale song or what ever. If you want a horn to work it needs to match the expectations of the people you are trying to communicate with. If you just want to scare people then the big rig horn would be a good choice but anyone who just wants to scare people may just be a jerk.