Ping Pong With Water Drops Is Another Cool Thing That Happens In Space

There’s a long, long list of fun things to do in zero gravity, but when you spend an entire year in space, you probably get quite bored. That’s where space ping-pong with water droplets and hydrophobic paddles comes in.


Commander Scott Kelly has spent nearly an entire year in space as part of an experiment on the long-term effects of zero gravity on the body. In has latest video, he shows how a pair of hydrophobic paddles can be used to guide a droplet of water around inside the International Space Station. Surface tension keeps the droplet of water together, while the hydrophobic paddles repel the water when it comes into contact.



Chick Counterfly

Man, I hope they have some better games than that to play when they’re bored... In fact, what games do, or rather can, they play in Zero G? I imagine any dice-based board game couldn’t work. Hungry Hungry Hippos would be a disaster.

Can a person even really shuffle a deck of cards in space? Ok, down the rabbit hole:

(Ok, that was a weird video for a lot of reasons and seems like maybe it was deleted scene from LOST.)

So, yes, it’s possible, but I imagine trying to play would be difficult what with the individual cards always kind of floating away.

A magnetic chess board or video games are the only things I can imagine would safely work. I mean, they have to do something that’s social and fun during down time.

Any clues? I’d love to read an article on it,