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Cingular, Verizon, and T-Mobile have all loudly and proudly come out with their very own pink Motorola RAZR phones, but we've been confused over the exact shade. It turns out that each carrier's pink Razr is different—wildly so.

T-Mobile has a bright magenta, which is barely pink at all, while Cingular's model ends up a bit orange. Verizon's model seems to be the closest to pink, although it is a bit purpley, too. (One of you Pantone freaks out there can probably give us exact coordinates.)


Nevertheless, for your viewing and purchasing pleasure: Cingular's salmon-colored 'Cotton Candy', Verizon's Light Pink, and T-Mobile's Magenta Motorola V3 handsets. (Well, V3c in Verizon's case.)

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