Pinnacle Video Transfer, Analog to Digital in Your Pocket

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The Pinnacle Video Transfer is one of the best-looking solutions for analog to digital file conversion we've seen in a long time. A pocketable 4.8" x 2.6" x 0.9" device, the Video Transfer converts video from analog composite and S-Video through the H.264 codec to MPEG4...wait for it...through USB to iPods, PSPs or flash drives.

The device supports three quality settings to simplify the conversion process a la TiVo (good, better, best) with the top resolution hitting 720x480. And while the Video Transfer (the name is killing us) doesn't have a battery of its own, it can recharge iPods and PSPs with the purchase of addition cables.

The fact of the matter is: analog to digital video conversion is a bitch. And for $129.99, we're seriously digging the automated nature of the Video Transfer, and its direct PMP interface.

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I wonder if you can feed the USB into a computer and catch the MPEG4 stream? I've got an analog to DV over Firewire converter box that's kinda flakey. For $130, if it produced pretty good digital results, I'm in.. just for doing the conversion alone. To heck with transferring to a tiny device. I guess even if you can't plug directly to a computer, just grab an 8gig flash drive and feed to it, then transfer to the compy.