Pioneer Launches Two More PDP High-Definition Plasmas

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Over in Super Happy FunTime Japan, Pioneer has released two more PDP high definition plasmas, the PDP-607HX (pictured here) and the PDP-427HXD. While both models are capable of accepting a 1080p signal, which is then rescaled to fit the TV's native 1365x768 resolution, don't call the sets 1080p. Both of the PDPs have what Pioneer has dubbed the "New P.U.R.E. Black Panel" and the "New P.U.R.E. Drive II." The black panel "realizes the industry-leading levels of color reproducibility," or, in a human language, is able to reproduce lots of colors really well. The Drive II is a new digital signal processor that "maximizes performance." Are these cars or plasma TVs?

The 60-inch PDP-607HX is the largest plasma that Pioneer produces and will retail for around $6,770 when it comes out in October. The 42-inch PDP-427HXD doesn't have a suggested price but will makes its debut by the end of this month.

Press Release [Pioneer via Akihabara News]