Pioneer Pure Malt Speakers

Made from recycled whiskey barrel parts, Pioneer's Pure Malt Speakers, also known the S-A4SPT-VP, supposedly takes advantage of its unique pedigree by delivering "soft, mellow tones." The wood used in the speakers is provided by Suntory Limited Corporation, and was once used in whiskey barrels for more than 50 years. Specifically, the white oak helps make the speakers all the more sturdy, a big issue if you find that your speakers completely fall apart for no apparent reason. Pioneer has been recently testing the speakers at its Costa Mesa, Calif. store. Whether or not whiskey was served is unconfirmed.


Besides the whiskey barrel gimmick—and let's face, it's nothing more than a cheap parlor trick—the speakers are actually fairly decent, furthering Pioneer's reputation for not producing junk. The frequency response is listed as 50Hz to 40 kHz and has a six-ohm impedance; 100 watts of output are also promised. Keep your fingers crossed that real world performance measures up to expectations.

The Pure Malt Speakers will be available in Japan this August for about $419 in both dark green and dark red. Hopefully, the speakers will make their way over here in the coming months.

Product Page (in Japanese) [Pioneer via]

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