Pistol Cams May Keep an Eye on Trigger Happy Cops

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Police in both Orange County, California and Newburgh, New York are on the brink of field testing the PistolCam —a 1.5-ounce camera fitted below the barrel of sidearms. As soon as an officer draws the weapon, the PistolCam begins recording both video and audio. Naturally, this technology could prove extremely useful for clarifying events during shootouts and "accidental" deaths at the hands of police. According to Newburgh officials, if the tests go well, all of their officers would be issued the device — although it remains to be seen how the officers themselves and the unions will respond. My guess is that they wouldn't want the cameras rolling when they shout "Dance!" whilst shooting at the feet of perps. [WREX via The Raw Feed]

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@Mike from Boston: They would fight it tooth and nail using that argument because it's a very valid argumant. One of my best friends recently joined the San Diego Police force, and he told me about his training and some of the things he learned, among them was how difficult it already is for an officer to draw his gun - the holster is designed specifically so it can only be removed by pulling it directly straight up, in the most basic model. In the "safer" models, one must press a button first, or in the "safest" models, multiple buttons at once, while drawing the firearm. A two or three buttom model ( I can't remember which ) is known as "The Widowmaker," because an alarming high perecent of officers who use this model die from being unable to draw fast enough. I've worn his holster and tried it with his dummy/training gun. I'm not surprised that hours upon hours are spent practicing this manuver during training and firing practice, it's hard.

I don't entierly disagree with this idea, but if the attachment in the photograph we are talking about, I can't support it yet. It needs to be smaller, more form fit, add as little bulk to the arm as possible, and as lightweight as possible. The Device in the photograph is larger than the front of the gun itself, and that'll cause too many problems. Police Officers are at enough risk as is, I won't support putting them in any further danger.