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Yesterday, we discussed the bizarre Pizza/Fork Cutter, but we have now discovered that not only did someone buy what is actually called the Nyfork (who knew?), but they have reviewed it. The verdict? Though first used on a piece of steak instead of a slice of pizza, our fair reviewer says that it's an extremely light yet solid piece of equipment. He also mentions that because the blade is so sharp, it's better to press gently on your food to cut it instead of pressing as hard as possible. Once you get used to the idea, it's fairly easy to handle, but didn't seem to save any time in the race against a normal knife-and-fork route. Biggest problem? After throwing it in the dishwasher (it says it's dishwasher safe), there seemed to be rust on the splatter shield that didn't come off. Uh-oh! And you think you had problems? The next test was indeed on a slice of Dominos Steak Pizza (this guy likes his meat) and was given a resounding thumbs up, letting the true, one-handedness of the product shine through. So there ya go, folks. The trials and tribulations of one man's time with the infamous NyFork. Thank god it's Friday.


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