Place Yer Bets: Will WWDC Have a New iPhone?

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Feeds are burning up with chatter about whether or not the next iPhone will flash a grin at the Jobs-less Schiller-heavy WWDC keynote. What's your totally uneducated—or surprisingly prescient—guess?


The best post on the subject is from John Paslkdjclkjdcski (just kidding, dude—P-A-C-Z-K-O-W-S-K-I) at AllThingsD, who quotes Apple-whore analyst Gene Munster who says it's an absolute "nope," then updates the story with a quote from another equally non-Apple-employed person saying it's likely.


The reasons are both valid: No, because Apple will wait for the return of Jobs to unveil sweet goodies; and yes, because if new iPhone has new programming requirements, they'll want to spring them on developers at a developers conference. Pacz himself seems to lean towards "yes," since WWDC is Apple's biggest scheduled attraction of the year. I'm leaning toward "hrmmaybeletsjustseecantsayforsurewhateveryeahsoundsgood." What's your call? [AllThingsD]

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Lite: an adventurer is me!

We're rather close to WWDC and we haven't seen an leaks of the phone's design. Which seems... Strange.