Plan Your Leaf-Watching With This Lovely Fall Foliage Map

It's the time of year where people go out into rural America seeking swollen gourds and fermented apple juice all in the name of Fall Fun™. And because timing is everything when it comes to these things, this beautiful fall foliage forecast map will aid you in your important quest to see the most chlorophyll-free leaves in the country.

Made by data scientists working at, this map includes a county-by-county, weekend-by-weekend report on what kind of leaves you can expect to see near you. Here's this weekend's report, for example:


As far as where to go, it's going to be an exceptionally good year for the Northeast, where good precipitation and minimal wind events have left solid color coverage on the trees. The Midwest may not fare as well due to too much rain. I'm pretty sure all the leaves in California have been dead for months. []

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