Plan your next Star Wars tattoo with these ink-inspired paintings

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Tattoo artist Joshua Couchenour playfully mixes Star Wars characters with traditional tattooing iconography like skulls, snakes, religious symbols, and roses. Even if they're not your tattooed cup of tea, it's not hard to imagine them adorning a Star Wars fan's skin.

Couchenour has, in fact, done a few Star Wars tattoos, including C-3PO and Darth Vader hand pieces. Other geeky items from his portfolio include Bubble Bobble, LEGO minifig astronaut, and Megaman tattoos. He also drags out the watercolors for the occasional painting, unsurprisingly often tattoo-inspired. He has a total of 10 of these Star Wars paintings. You can see Pope Yoda, Hustling Jabba, and the rest on his site.

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