Plastic Bag Manufacturer Sues Reusable Bag Manufacturer for "Loss of Sales"

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Reusable bag-maker, ChicoBag, isn't some soulless corporation. Its face is Bagmonster, the plastic-bag covered mascot created by founder Andy Keller (seen above). The same cannot be said about its litigious-attackers, three of the nation's largest disposable, plastic bag manufacturers.

These bag barons, Hilex Poly Company, Superbag Operating, and Advance Polybag, claim that ChicoBag is causing "irreparable harm" to their business model by having the cajones to host a fact-filled web page showing people just how bad plastic bags can be for the environment.

This is not the first time these companies have thrown their legal and financial weight around in order to intimidate people. In 2007, these same three companies were responsible for derailing the city of Oakland's plan to phase out disposable bag usage. Apparently their continued financial success is more important than the environment. After all, once things take a turn for the worse, we can all just learn to swim and eat rocks––isn't that right, Jack English? [Suedbyplastic via Outdoor Mag]