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If you want to get Android up and running on a Windows laptop or desktop, there are several different ways to go about it—but few are as straightforward as Nox App Player. Once the emulator is up and running on your PC, you’ll have access to an Android 4.4.2 tablet right on your desktop screen. The emulator capable of playing any Android app—including games like Angry Birds and Monument Valley.


Emulators tend to use up a lot of processing power on PCs, so depending on your setup, you might run into problems with more intensive games and apps. For example, Modern Combat 5 was one Android game we couldn’t get working, but the majority of the titles in the Google Play Store shouldn’t have any issues. Clicking around in games with a mouse is a whole different experience than jabbing at a touchscreen and will often improve you game-playing skills.

You don’t have to stick to games, either: any kind of Android app will run, and there are video and image capture tools included if you need them. Most importantly, the application is simple to get up and running in minutes even if you’ve never used any kind of emulator before. If Nox App Player doesn’t grab you, BlueStacks is perhaps the best-known alternative.


[Via TalkAndroid]

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Could I use this to play my PS4 games from my Windows laptop until Sony releases their windows app?