Play Pokémon While Shredding Hot Riffs With This Combination Electric Guitar and Game Boy

Like millions of humans on planet earth, I’m a self-identified gamer and guitar player. But I never had the genius idea, or the technical prowess, to smash the two together. Luckily, one electronic maker did and now we get to bask in his glorious creation.


Made by Fibbef, an administrator on BitFixGaming boards, and spotted by Hackaday, the Guitar Boy is a working electric guitar and also a working oversized Game Boy. The creator even went the extra mile to fashion a body that looks like a Classic Game Boy circa 1989.

The Guitar Boy itself is running on a Raspberry Pi B+ with RetroPie version 2.3. The a 5-inch LCD display is powered by a 2,200 mAh battery. The guitar is a simple passive setup, which uses a humbucker pickup. A simple audio selector on the side chooses whether the sound comes from the guitar or the hacked together Game Boy.

Needless to say I want one. If you’re incredibly gutsy, Fibbef has a whole build log for your viewing and tinkering pleasure.

[Fibbef via Hackaday]



The build is pretty cool. His playing leaves a little to be desired.