PlayAway Audiobooks Reviewed (Verdict: Significant Market)

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This review seems to have been written by a 12-year-old girl ("It is light weight and will be perfect for the beach this Summer. We'll have more on this once we give it a listen :-)"), but it covers all the basics. The PlayAway is an MP3 player pre-loaded with an audio book. It costs about as much as a hardback, between $30 and $50 and has a fairly simple UI—plug in some headphones and press play. That's just about it.


We've played with one of these and if you're on the run and want to grab a audiobook, you probably can't go wrong. Unfortunately, you can't put anything else onto the player and once you're done with the book you basically have a hunk of plastic lying around. Nice idea for the right person.

PlayAway Digital books [RainyDay]