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Thanks to our blood brothers from Kotaku in Japan, we're getting plenty of fresh PlayStation 3 info this morning, including this shot of the Japanese version of the PS3's user interface. Take a look at the icons on the interface and here's what they mean, in order:

User: Save your game data and browser preferences for each individual user.
Settings: Make using the XMB (Cross Media Bar) convenient with individual settings for sound, BD/DVD, time/date, music, network, chat, display, security, etc.
Photo: View slideshows in full HD. Download pics as well.
Music: Listen to CDs or Super Audio CDs on the Multi-Channel. Play music on the HDD.
Video: Enjoy full HD with Blu-ray Disc. It tops out at 7.1 ch.
Game: Play PSX/PS2 games on the PS3.
Network: Connect to your PLAYSTATION Network account, download and hit the PLAYSTATION Store. There's an icon for "Remote Play" as well.
Friend: Add buddies to your friends list, check your message box and chat.


If you're PlayStation portable (PSP) player, you'll be familiar with most of these, but get used to them. That November 11 PS3 release date is coming up quickly.

Too bad the PS3 is going to get its ass beaten by the Nintendo Wii. Good luck, Sony.

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